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How did you discover Gotham Cheer?

I discovered Gotham Cheer through an event in Bridgeport, Ct. I was initially supposed to help at Bridgeport Pride, but my flight from Alabama was canceled, so I missed out. I heard from the Bridgeport Pride committee that Gotham was a fantastic group, and they helped make the Pride event an amazing time. Sometime later, I saw Gotham Cheer in person at Jersey City Pride. I thought, “Wow, this looks like fun, and I would be totally into doing it!” Quick note: If you look at the background of one of the Jersey City Pride videos on Instagram, you can see me in my rainbow overalls. 

What is your favorite volunteering organization/event/moment with Gotham?

My favorite volunteering organization is Sage. I’ve wanted to do more volunteering, and I’ve enjoyed interacting with and serving the community there. 

What is a hobby of yours or favorite activity outside of cheerleading?

I have a few favorite hobbies. My two favorites are video games and jogging.

What is your favorite part of living in New York City (or Tri-State Area)?

I have only lived in Jersey City since January 2024, and I am still adjusting to life there. My favorite parts of living there are the diversity and individuality. I love all the different cultures, especially the food. I love the individuality here because people are themselves no matter what, and it doesn’t seem like people judge them. I even feel more comfortable being here.

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