For this year’s Pride, we launched our Gotham Cheer "What Pride Means To Me" video series, featuring members of our team. Hear it first, directly from the mouths of our diverse and unique cheerleaders, alumni and volunteers, what personally influences their sense of PRIDE. Check out the videos!

Meet Timeka and listen to how BEING ACKNOWLEDGED influences her sense of PRIDE!

Meet John-Deric & Jasmine and hear the many ways LOVE plays a part in their PRIDE!

Meet Kevin and join in as he discusses how LIVING WITH NO APOLOGIES is only the beginning to his feeling of PRIDE!

Meet Ellison and watch how being exactly who you are with a little bit of EXTRANESS defines his PRIDE!

Meet Michelle and discover how having the CONFIDENCE to share your AUTHENTIC SELF is at the center of her PRIDE!

Meet Jamal up close and PERSONAL and learn about the intersectional COMPLEXITIES of his sense of PRIDE!

Meet Felipe, our Co-Founder, and discover how his passion to HELP LGBTQ YOUTH came about and how it’s now part of his sense of PRIDE!

Meet Norman, as he discusses how PRIDE is about TRENDSETTING and many things, including the importance of being DIFFERENT!

Meet Kam and listen to how the importance of BELIEVING in himself influences his sense of PRIDE!

Meet Latoya, our fun and funky Co-Founder, and discover how FREEDOM TO EXPRESS YOURSELF ignites a sense of PRIDE for her and her sister Princess, a Gotham Cheer Volunteer!

Meet Jeremy as he describes how INTERNAL HAPPINESS and LOVING WHO YOU ARE are at the core of his feelings of PRIDE!

Meet Selena, a proud Gotham Volunteer, and learn how LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and RESPECT  are critical to her sense of PRIDE!

Meet Connor and learn how his ART impacts his PRIDE!

Meet LeAnn and watch her express the importance that SUPPORT plays in her PRIDE!

Meet Cat and enjoy stories of how BEING VISIBLE played a role in developing her sense of PRIDE!

Meet Christina and see how her artwork and EXPRESSIVE FREEDOM symbolize her PRIDE!

Meet Nick and understand how EDUCATION not only plays a role in his life, but also in his PRIDE!

Meet Meredith and listen to how the memories of her high school sweetheart and celebrating INDIVIDUALITY are both a meaningful part of her PRIDE!

Meet Erika, as she describes how PRIDE, for her, is about ACCEPTANCE and the perfect opportunity to get BEAT FOR THE GODS! 

Meet Val, a teacher who encourages her students to be their AUTHENTIC SELVES and who’s PRIDE is being a GOTHAM CHEERLEADER!

Meet Melissa and hear how UNIQUENESS and SUPPORT are central components to her sense of PRIDE!

Meet Jackie who believes PRIDE for her is EVERY DAY! 

Meet Patricia and listen to her describe how HAPPINESS & FREEDOM set the vibe for her PRIDE!

Meet Dan, one of our Community Volunteers, and find out how a strong sense of GRATITUDE shapes his PRIDE!



Latoya resides in New York and works as a Fashion Designer who enjoys creating modern products that customers respond to and love! As a Co-Founder of Gotham Cheer, Latoya is dedicated to pushing the boundaries and society’s perceptions of adult cheerleading. She is also passionate about supporting and uplifting the LGBTQIA+ community. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Latoya volunteering around New York City, hitting the local museums and of course, people watching.


Felipe was born in the Dominican Republic and has two degrees in Psychology. His passion for cheerleading began while on the Columbia University Cheer Squad and in graduate school while on Yale’s Cheerleading Team. He has created two other nonprofit cheer organizations in New York City and co-founded a national affiliation for LGBTQ cheerleaders. In 2018, his dedication to community service, diversity and helping LGBTQ youth led him to co-found “Gotham Cheer.”


Ryan is a native New Yorker. He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. He received his Master's degree from Columbia University. Ryan's athletic background includes experience as a circus performer, personal trainer and as a cheerleader. Ryan has been involved with Gotham Cheer since the beginning and became a Board Member in 2019. Besides being a Board Member, Ryan also serves as Gotham Cheer's Health Advisor.


"When I moved to NYC, I was really missing the queer family I had in college. Gotham Cheer quickly became a huge part of my queer life and I felt surrounded with love and positivity! I had no cheerleading experience; I didn’t even know what 'stunting' meant!! I am now OBSESSED with cheering, stunting and Gotham Cheer!"

-Connor, Team Member


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