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Favorite Gotham cheer project?

One of my favorite Gotham Cheer fundraisers is our karaoke battles. I loved seeing everyone’s talent and creativity on the karaoke stage, and it invites donors, friends, and family to sing and dance with the team.

How has your involvement with Gotham Cheer impacted your life?

My involvement with Gotham Cheer is now a big part of my life. You can’t know me without knowing I’m on Gotham Cheer. “What’d you do yesterday?” “How was your weekend?” “Any summer plans?” My answers usually include Gotham Cheer activities in some way. Gotham Cheer brought me friends and community; it has molded me into who I am. Someone who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves, impact, inspire, and make life for the vulnerable community that our mission focuses on a little bit easier.

How long was I in NYC/Tri-state area?

I’ve lived in NYC for 3, coming up 4 years now.

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