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ADVOCATE: 70 photos of NYC Pride 2024 that show New Yorkers know how celebrate queer joy

It's up to you, New York

Pride Month may be over, but the celebration of queer joy never ends in New York City.

The Big Apple held its annual Pride parade and festival over the weekend, bringing thousands together in the streets of Manhattan to celebrate LGBTQ+ lives and honor the community's history. Attendees partied just around the corner from the Stonewall Inn, widely considered the epicenter for queer liberation in the United States.

The protests against police brutality at the LGBTQ+ nightclub 55 years ago sparked rallies across the country, inspiring a generation of queer people to fight back. Today, in the same streets where queer patrons were targeted by law enforcement for their identity, the LGBTQ+ community celebrated openly.

These images from NYC Pride 2024 show not only how far the city has come but also how much it likes to party.


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